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Gentleman Warrior

Born spring 1984; died Monday, 19 June 2000 at about noon.

This is the first song I heard after Boney died:

"Out of a blue sky
A dark cloud came rolling,
Breaking my heart in two.
Don't leave me alone, I love you.
You're the one rose that's left in my heart."

  1984. Michael and Boney at his first and very beloved home.

  May, 1993. -- at about 17 lbs.


c1996. zNET House, Santa Cruz. I believe this says "Boney" more than any other picture I have of him. He's in his "sphynx" mode supervising over my work. He knew who he was in those days.


Fall, 1999. At our apartment in Soquel. Looking at this now, it's obvious he was sick and that I was in denial.


20 June 2000. I brought Zoey home about 10 months ago in hopes she would ease Boney's depression. (He missed his feline sisters--at least, that's what I've always believed.) If she didn't add quantity to Boney's life she certainly added quality.

What happened today was probably a first. While working at my desk, I noticed Zoey on the floor near me. I looked over and found her on her back, paws in the air, looking up at me as if saying, "Daddy Boney is gone. You can be my daddy now." I realized then that she had not been my cat at all, but Boney's. Of course, that was the point.   (more)