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  • Laurel Canyon Hillside Fissure
    Feb. 28 - Three homes are redtagged and part of Laurel Canyon Road is closed after a hillside fissure is spotted.
  • Long Beach Cleanup
    Feb. 28 - Volunteers pick up debris left by the late February rains in Long Beach.
  • Laser Comb
    Feb. 11 - Dr. Bruce Hensel reports on a new technique that's designed to stimulate hair growth.
  • Fat Burning Laser
    Feb. 2005 - A new type of liposuction offers an alternative that is simple, non-invasive, and can be performed during your lunch hour.
  • New Ways To Fight Bulge Battle
    May 24 - Scientists are testing some exciting and unusual approaches to curbing appetites!
  • Featherlift Facelift
    Jan. 21 - A new, non-surgical type of facelift could permanently erase years off your face -- in less than 15 minutes.
  • Ritter Dies From Tear In Aorta
    Sept. 12 - A tear in the aorta, the heart condition that killed actor John Ritter, is rare and can strike without warning.
  • Brian Williams Reports
    NBC's Brian Williams reports from Iraq, where citizens have just voted in their first democratic election.
  • John Kerry Speaks
    Former presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry is speaking out about the situation in Iraq after residents there voted in their first democratic election.
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