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  • Sequoias: Scaling a Forest Giant
    A tree-climbing scientist takes the measure of a 3,200-year-old, 247-foot-tall sequoia.
  • The Tunnels of Gaza
    They're a death trap, a lifeline, and a symbol of the dreams of the 1.6 million beleaguered Gazans.
  • Birds of Paradise
    It took eight years. But now every bird of paradise species has been photographed in the wild.
  • Methane: Good Gas, Bad Gas
    Is methane the fuel of the future ... or a climate bomb?
  • Shamans: Masters of Ecstasy
    They are shamans--called by spirits to heal bodies, minds, and souls--and their numbers are growing.
  • Doggerland: A World Beneath the Sea
    Thousands of years ago, rising tides swamped Doggerland. Now archaeologists are diving in.
  • Cuba's New Now
    The people respond to reforms with excitement, black humor, and a large dose of skepticism.
  • Emperor Penguins: Escape Velocity
    Scientists have discovered the secret of the emperor penguin's amazing underwater speed.
  • Vikings and Native Americans
    A strange strand of yarn is helping uncover a lost chapter of New World history.
  • Sailing the Dunes
    In his wheelless paraglider, photographer George Steinmetz flies over deserts, guided by dunes.
  • Cheetahs on the Edge
    They're shy and delicately built. They can't roar. But the threatened cat is a shrewd survivor.
  • Arkansas Delta, 40 Years Later
    A VISTA volunteer, he made black friends, was beaten by whites. Now he and his camera return.
  • Blood Ivory
    A National Geographic investigation reveals a direct link between religion and ivory smuggling.
  • The Glory of Leaves
    Sleek or prickly, waxy or spiny, pure green or silvery white ... why do they look the way they do?
  • A New Face for Rio
    With the Olympics coming in 2016, the city is spending millions to fix up its hillside slums.
  • Amazing Mesoamerican Reef
    In this world, mangrove forests, sea grass beds, and coral reefs strike a delicate balance.
  • The Sky Caves of Nepal
    Explorers scramble up cliffs to find out who created these ancient dwellings.
  • My Neighbor, Mr. Badger
    The people moved away from their cottages in a rural Finnish town. And the animals moved in.
  • Weather Gone Wild
    Disastrous rains. No rain at all. Unexpected heat or cold. Is Earth's climate changing dangerously?
  • Drought in the West of Texas
    The state has just suffered its driest 12 months.
  • Mountains in the Sea
    They rise from the ocean floor, rarely explored by humans. A new expedition offers a close-up look.
  • Yemen's Day of Reckoning
    Its old ruler is gone. The new challenge: coming to terms with rebels, refugees, and al Qaeda.
  • Roman Frontiers
    Rome's walls helped set the outer limits of its power—and led to its downfall.
  • Mansions of the Roma Kings
    Don't call them Gypsies—a derogatory term. And don't expect any of them to live in caravans.
  • In the Shadow of Wounded Knee
    Still deeply affected by the 1890 massacre, the Oglala Lakota find new hope in old ways.
  • What a Dive!
    The gannet can plunge into the sea at 70 miles an hour and go as deep as 50 feet.
  • East Side Story
    The "other London"—gritty, graffitied, but with a rising cool index—gets ready for its close-up as the venue of the Summer Olympics.
  • Chasing Lightning
  • Tibet's Golden "Worm"
    A medicinal fungus highly prized in China is fueling a boom on the Tibetan Plateau.
  • The Riddle of Easter Island
    How did the statues move? That question puzzles archaeologists--and modern-day islanders.
  • Epic Storms
    Is that a spaceship? Or a mushroom cloud? Or a strange skyscape whipped up by wild weather?
  • Vanishing Voices
    A language goes silent every 14 days. That could mean the end for words like tradzy, azaac, khei-t.
  • Life in an Icy Inferno
    Weird microbes, possibly from Earth's bowels, thrive in the hot soil of an Antarctic volcano.
  • Russian Summer
    At the dacha, the soul of Russia--and its cultural divide--is on display.
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