From The Pettit Correspondent, Volume 3, Number 3, page 144

Some New Jersey Will Abstracts

Submitted by Theodore Bozarth
(R.D. 2, Box 168, Titusville, NJ 08560)

From "Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, Volume XXIII. Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. 1, 1670-1730", 1901 - Edited by William Nelson.

1716-7 Jan 3. Heath, Andrew, of Hopewell Township, Hunterdon Co., yeoman; will of. Wife Hannah. Children - Martha (under 18), John, Elizabeth, Andrew, Sarah (under 21), Richard; grandchidren - Elizabeth, Abigal and Andrew Peittet, John Heath, son-in-law Nathanel Pettet; wife's children - Daniel, Samuel and Hannah Clark. Land at Malazadock, do. 600 acres, on the Muskanickcunk Branch of Delaware River, farm, bo't of Thomas Truss. Personal property. Executors - Thomas Lambart and Robert Heaton (Eatton), tailor Witnesses - John Plumley, Nathaniel Pettit. Proved December 29, 1720.

1718 Sept. 15. Pettit, Alice, widow of Moses; will of. Divides estate between children- William Parent, Elizabeth Parent, Sarah Pettit, Jude Pettit, and makes Nathan Folwell and Thomas Potts executors. Witnesses - John Moore, Daniel Bach (/), John Richardson. Proved November 1, 1718. Lib. 2, p. 94 and Burlington Wills.

1730 Nov. 5. Pettit, Elizabeth, of Hunterdon Co.; will of. Children - William Bell, Ellianer Gipson, Elizabeth, Sarah, Hannah. Real and personal estate. Executors -Joshua, Ely and Samuel Herrick. Witnesses - Dorothy Dean, Hanah Holdren, John Dean. Proved November 24, 1720. Lib. 3, p. 117

1718 July 6. Pettit, Mosies, of Mansfield, Burlington Co., yeoman; will of. Wife Alice sole executrix. Children -Lydia, Mary, Hannah, Sarah, Judith, Nathaniel and Adam. Real and personal estate. Witnesses - John More, Anna More, Wm. Madock. Proved August 15, 1718. Lib 2, p. 92.

1714-5 March 15. Pettit, Nathaniel, senior, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co., yeoman; will of. Wife Mary. Children - Mosses, Judith Neald, Nathaniel, Elias, Jane Ealy, wife of George Ealy, who has Mary and Joshua, Jonathan. Real and personal estate. Executors - the wife and son Jonathan. Witnesses - John Boyt (?), Peter Pommea, Petter Ringgo. Proved June 25, 1718. Lib. 2, p. 91.