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HSU History Conference:

Other Venues:


  • American Memories of Culloden Moor: The Battle, the End of the Stuarts, and the Road to American Independence (December 1, 2014)
  • Survey of the House of Wessex
  • The Barons at Runnymede and the Road to the Magna Carta
  • The Plantagenets
    • Session One: Empire Gained, Lost, and Regained, 1154-1400 (possibly four hours)
    • Session Two: The Plantagenets at War (possibly four hours)
  • The Tragic Life and Tumultuous Reign of King Henry VI of England
  • Version Two: Survey of the Royal Lineages of Britain (possibly four hours)
  • The Assassin's Brother: The Life and Times of Edwin Booth
  • At the Movies with the Plantagenets